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Are They At Fault?

The Native Americans that lived here have been all but wiped out. Our military has absolutely overpowered and demolished theses "Natives." So what does this mean? Does it mean we are free to go anywhere in the country and build what we want where we want? Well, yes and no. There is absolutely nothing in our way of going all the way to the east coast and to the west coast with our empire. But should we? Is it morally right? These natives have lived here for who knows how long and we come in and take over. I guess that's just life. You can decide for yourself. For now, they're gone or stuck in a preservation. You can claim your land, just remember what you're actually doing to these people.

The Best Beer In The Country

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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,
What you said on your November issue was highly offensive. Maybe you should consider that people who don't have jobs aren't just "bums" and "lazy." I've been trying to get a job but nobody will hire me. Just because I weigh 500 pounds should not mean that nobody wants to hire me as a traveling salesman. Next time you should be a little more considerate of people who want a job but can't seem to get anyone to hire them.

Dear Editor,
I absolutely loved the piece on the value of the coin. It was so very insightful and made me and my family think and it brought up some things I had not thought about. Sometimes we are blind to the good and the bad. Now I can see both.The points made were just far out enough to make me think more than I normally would. Keep up the good work.


Is Populism Popular?

Populism is seemingly popular among commoners. If you think about it, that's just what populism is, and all it is. It's about protecting the rights of the common people. It's about showing that common people are people too. It's about listening to them because they supposedly have good ideas. So is this a party you should side with? Well, their points are valid and should be taken seriously. If their rights are not protected who is to say that ours will be. We need to make sure that every man is truly created equal. So give it a chance. Maybe one day you won't be rich and famous. Maybe you'll want rights too.

Back in the 1896 election some Democrats took up many of the populists views and made them their own. This may have been the reason that democrat William Jennings Bryan lost the election by a margin of over 600,000 people, and then an even larger margin in 1900. From there the populist party had fallen apart. There is talk of a "regathering" of sorts, but nobody can know for sure what will come of it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.