The Writer

My words paint a thousand pictures.

Do you need a writer?

Do you need to write an essay, a business plan or anything that requires a hefty amount of stressing? Look no further, you've found yourself the perfect person to help you! I- Bavmeet- will help you write anything you want! Whether it be a story idea or a journal entry, I will be there to help!

What Skills do I have?


A writer needs to be able to write. Anybody can do that :) But improvement is the key to being able to write well, and I work hard to improve everyday!


A writer needs to be creative, right? Well, don't worry because that's one of my skills. I try to incorporate creativity into everything that I do.

Interpersonal Skills

A writer- especially one that will work with you in the near future- has to be able to communicate well.

Watch My Commercial!

Text Sample from an Essay on Anime Fan World Domination

What would people think if it was said that anime fanatics- often referred to as obsessive people living in their parent’s basements- may take over the world someday? Well, there is a great possibility that they might. Everyday citizens may not take the thought of being ruled over by an anime fanatic very seriously. What they do not understand is that it is serious because it is very possible. Anime showcases numerous diverse ways to take over the world as many animes have the plot-line of world domination, which will unquestionably spark several ideas. Anime fans are also often looked down upon by society, which will cause them (anime fans) to want to take vengeance or prove themselves and with the anime plague spreading like a virus, who knows what will happen?

Where am I located?

I am located on 22 Magic Street, Magicland. You will not be able to find me, I will find you and when you need me, I will appear.