California vs. Massachusetts

Two completely different states that hold so much history for the United States. Which one would you prefer?

Cheerful Cape or Scenic San Francisco.


Split in two California is the most populated state at 38.8 million as of 2014 census so, does that make it better than Massachusetts? California is has the best of everything with busy cities and rural farm towns. The climate is flexible depending on if you live in the northern or the southern region of the state. In SoCal you can always head to the beach or go hiking and in NoCal a rainy day is always promised. Thus making California one of the happiest states there is.


Massachusetts isn't great for hot weather but definitely makes up for it in history and the autumn season. It's always a wonderful sight to see the leaves in different shades of yellows and reds or picking apples from a local farm in October.
All in all, neither state is better because, they are both unique to themselves in their own ways. Massachusetts for its never ending history and California for its gorgeous summers.

Both states are amazing to explore at least once in your lifetime.