All About Austin!

by: Austin Breunig

My life

I was born on December 26 1999. Yes the day after Christmas. Some people say wow you're luck two days in a row of presents but really its more here happy birthday and Marry Christmas with one present. Anyway I have a Mom Diane, Dad Pete, Sister Makenzie, Cat Ava and a Dog named Hennry. Both the animals are young we know Hennry is now 11 months and almost a year old but we don't know how old Ava is because we rescued her but the vet said she is still young.

What I like to do

I like to be with my friends because we have a lot of fun and I think they all are funny. When i'm not with my friends I like to go on YouTube or on my PS3 but sometimes I get in the mood to do other things.

Food I like

I really haven't ever been able to answer this question but I know for a fact that I love dragon rolls. They are sushi that I first had when I was just young. I don't really like candy or cake and my people think i'm crazy. I do like pizza my favorite pizza place is Rocky Rococo's mostly because of the bread sticks.

Sports/ Clubs

I play Basketball and Track I prefer basketball because i have been doing it all my life. I started track last year and I liked that too. I also am in Rockets for school with Mr. Jaeger last year we got 2nd out of five states! Its all different schools from across those five states that competed last year.