Liberty Academy Newsletter

January 15, 2015

Liberty Academy Bowl-A-Thon

April 11th from 1-3pm at Retro Bowl in Liberty! Cost is $20 per person but that includes a t-shirt, bowling, shoes, and entry to win a door prize. Also, there will be a silent auction to support the Bowl-A-Thon--it is set to run April 6-10. More information to follow!

Parents of Science Students...

If your student is at home and is not sure how to do a magazine article, the information can be found on my blackboard site. Magazine articles are due on Fridays, one per week, on any science topic. These can be turned in ahead of time which allows extra time for your student to catch up on other work when they return.

Upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences

Liberty Academy will host the 2015 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday, February 9, and Tuesday, February 10, from 4-8pm. Please join us!

Seniors Searching for Scholarships...

A list of scholarships can be found on the LPS Community Scholarship Guide for High School Seniors. Selection committees decision on different criteria (i.e. financial need, club or sport participation, additional essay submissions, etc.) so be sure to carefully review the criteria listed for each scholarship. Any items deemed too confidential may be omitted, but such omissions may render selection committees less effective in making selections. Submit an application by email to each scholarship organization. The deadline to email applications and accompanying documents is March 1st, by 3:00 p.m.