Chinese Cultural Information


Chinese rice

Chinese rice is grown in the south of China where it grows in water. To grow rice you first have to flood the fields with inches of water. Then you plow the fields with water buffalo, plant the seedlings, harvest rice, then you beat the grains in stalks by hand. Rice is very important and healthy. Some believe it is a gift to god.

Chinese Erhu

The Chinese erhu is a vertical fiddle with no finger board. It is like a Chinese violin.

One part of the erhu is the sound body like a drum. On the sound body there are two openings, one in the back and one in the front. In the front opening there is farm grown python skin and the back is left open.

Pictures of Chinese buddha, erhu and chopsticks

More information for Chopsticks

believed manors for chopsticks

Believed chopsticks should not be put up right in a bowl and believed knives were too violent and was not a part of utensils

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