There once was a man named Dadereous. He was about thirtyish, he was sometimes stubborn and mostly humble. He spent his life savings on a giant ship. He was going to sail him and his wife to a great place known as ‘Africa.’ People started to talk, and that’s never good. People came from all over trying to pay him to be colonists. There were also rich people that paid for cruises. For colonists he picked out as many useful people as possible, and for rich people he chose the top-paying people. He never had so much money before!

He became very greedy and took more people than his ship could handle so he can get more money. Eventually he came to his senses and stopped before it was too late and his boat overflowed (with people). Eventually he became so greedy that the gods noticed. It took five months to get to Africa. During the time his wife had their baby, but she died. This was the gods’ first warning. When they arrived the ‘colonists’ started building right away. The rich people stayed in the boat for at least another month. Then Dadereous had an ex-navy captain take the wealthy people home and take the boat back to Africa. He even gave the Captain a map so he wouldn’t get lost.

After fifteen years of a “successful” Dadereous went to a good and respected leader to a hated one. Dadereous’s old job was a miner. When he found rare and valuable jewels in the desert he collected a lot at a time and sent out the captain to sell the jewels and collect Dadereous profit, with the captain getting twenty-five percent of it. He did this for a long time. Eventually the gods stole some of the jewels, but the captain would just sell them for more. So, the gods became so sick of Dadereous so they made his son sick. The son eventually died.

The gods didn’t want to do this to the son, but they needed to do something drastic to teach the greedy man a lesson. Every day he screamed and shouted at the gods “Please!! I’ll do anything!! Just give me my son back!!” So the gods gave him his wish. But here’s the catch, they turned him into a worthless (at the time) and semi-useful ore, coal. But they did reincarnate his son to hold up their part of the deal.