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At a glance

In 1919 Afghanistan became modernized. In 1989-1992 Afghanistan suffered a civil war where 25,000 people died. In 1990, during the civil war, Afghanistan became an Islamic state.

Geological Features!


Population: 30.55 million

Capital: Kabul

Life Expectancy: 60.55

Population Density: 44.62 per sq. km

Literacy Rate: 38.1%

Doctor-People Ratio: 1 for every 5000 people

Currency: Afghani 57 to 1 usd

Terrorism & Challenges Today

The taliban in Afghanistan is responsible for increased security in the U.S. Mohammad Omar is the current leader and the U.S. is offering a $10 million reward.

Afghanistan faces many challenges. Unlike the U.S., women do not have equal rights. Widespread poverty and thievery also are major problems. The natural environment is also being destroyed by development.

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The major religion is Islam with a culture dating back 2000 years. Recently education has become important with the building of schools. Traditionally women are not given freedoms, but as the country is modernizing, things are starting to change.