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Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 March 15, 2017

Insurance meetings

The 2017-18 school year will bring many changes to our health insurance coverage. The board approved at its February meeting to pay 95% of the HSA coverage (PPO will be higher). Along with the rate changes are some significant plan changes.

Attached is a sign up sheet for the insurance meetings that the district will be holding. At each meeting we will have our insurance reps there to explain each plan and what the changes will be.

I strongly encourage everyone to attend one of these three meetings. We want all covered employees to know what they are paying for. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Amber Henderson
Business Office
573-581-3773 Ext:2411

Click here to sign up

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Shut Up About Daylight Saving Time, It's Actually Great

Yes, it messes up your schedule for a few days. But it gives you eight months of significantly more sunlight in your life. Click here to read the Popular Mechanics article.

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Teachers - Use TalentEd for Transfer requests

Teachers -- it is nearly hiring season again and that means the possibilities for openings in the district. Below is the process you need to follow in regards to transfer requests to another teaching position.

Process: (Transfer requests are now done on TalentEd. No paperwork needs to be sent to the principal)

A. If an opening becomes available in your own building that you are interested in, you just need to talk to your principal about the process.

B. If an opening becomes available in a different building, then you need to fill out an internal application in TalentEd so that principal and Central Office know you have an interest.

There are no guarantees on transfer requests. Every situation is different and we will try to do what is best for kids in the long run. All openings will be handled on a case by case basis.

Please contact Bethany Collis if you have questions on filling out an internal application.

Retirement reminder

For those getting ready to retire in 2017, in order to be paid for your sick leave (maximum 100 days); anyone wishing to retire must have their notice into Bethany Collins by one of the following days, per Board policies GCPC and GDPC:

Certified Staff: March 1, 2017

Support Staff: March 18, 2017 (for those retiring on the last day of school)

NOTE: Those retiring on any other day then the last day of school will need to give 60 days notice in order to receive payment for sick leave.

ALSO NOTE: This is only for retiring employees; resigning employees are not eligible for the sick leave payout benefit.

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Bulldog Bytes

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