Weekly Update 12-11-15

Wright City R-II School District

Hello Wildcat Nation!

After this week, we have a mere 7 days of school left before our break. Each year, I'm amazed by how fast the year goes by.

Thank you to the many concerts this month! Our community so much appreciates the connection to our kids and the joy that events bring to all involved.

Thank you to the MS Ambassadors who collected coats, gloves, hats, etc. Kids helping kids! West Elementary also had a drive this season. So needed.

Thank you to John Clark for setting up the LensCrafters One Sight program. He will be taking over 21 kids (K-12) to get free exams and glasses!

Kurt Kehoe, of the Wright City Recreational Department, stopped by this week to express his gratitude for our students and staff that helped pull off the parade and breakfast with Santa events last week. Thank you and your kids for making these community events all of us can be proud of.


  1. Who wrote Rose Madder and The Green Mile?
  2. What city is the capitol of Louisiana?
  3. What decade did Catwoman first appear in Batman comics?
  4. Within 15, how many distinct words are used in Dr. Seuss' Cat in The Hat story?
  5. In what year did pop legend Michael Jackson die?
  6. Yellowstone National Park is located in 3 states. Which state has most of the park?

Re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

After the House then the Senate voted on the new version, replacing the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, the President of the United States signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law on Thursday.

What does the ESSA mean? It means the federal government is lessening their roll. Whether we see changes or not is still not known. Unlike the U.S. Constitution, the Missouri Constitution does have education in it. That means that we have as much control as the state decides we should have. Will we seek to be one of the states to try different assessments from our neighboring districts? Will DESE still require all 7 essential practices in the evaluation systems of teachers and administrators? Time will tell.

Drug Dogs

A few years ago, we brought back the practice of bringing in drug dogs and going through the MS and HS. We do so via a lockdown drill, so kids are not in presence of the dog (they are pretty rough when they 'hit' on a smell). This year, we have had one at the HS and MS. The HS was last week and we did find 2 students with possession in their locker. This week, we had them go through the MS and hit on 2 lockers but nothing was inside.

Earlier this semester, we have had 6 other students possess illegal drugs.

Is that concerning? It is to me. Maybe we are just getting better at catching such activities. Maybe they have increased.

With the issues that we have seen to our west, north and east with more serious drug use and even deaths from heroine, we will be pursuing a town hall in the near future for parents and students so they can see what to look for and what these drugs can do to someone.

I thank the staff and the witnesses that helped us find the cases we have had. We have 1600+ students. Their families send them here and expect them to be safe. We can not and will not comprise on doing everything we can to ensure they are safe. That means no drugs or anyone under the influence.

Foundation (repeat from 3 weeks ag)

Here is what I had in the Weekly Update 3 weeks ago. Someone asked me to repost so they can apply for a grant.

The Wright City R-II Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that fund raises and donates to the raised funds to our school district. This year, they have donated over 1,000 books as well as awarded various grants. The most recent grant recipients are:

  • $500 for books for West Elementary to support reading workshop.
  • $500 for books for East Elementary to support reading workshop.
  • $300 for sensory materials for East Elementary.

Thank you to all that submitted requests.

We have another round open. To apply, please click on the Google Form here: https://docs.google.com/a/wrightcity.k12.mo.us/forms/d/1WJktMLBbJP_dySTPsM-g00g3uZNIK_vU5iq8XXeJQZw/prefill

Due date is January 4th at 8 a.m.

If the request involves technology, it must be co-written with the Director of Technology and with her approval. This helps us ensure that we can support said purchases and that we are not duplicating already existing resources.

Thank you to all that applied. They have over $5,000 available at this time. They also host 2 fundraisers a year. The next one is co-hosted by our Art Club who donates bowls for a Chili Dinner at the home basketball game on February 5th from 4 to 8 p.m. at the high school. Thank you to the art club students and sponsor for volunteering their time and talent to co-host this event.

Gallup Poll

Recently, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index was released. This is what they call a Life Evaluation Index which looks at satisfaction today and what the person predicts what their satisfaction will be 5 years from now. Where do teachers rank of the 14 job types studied? 2nd! Here is the list with the Life Evaluation Index Score following:

  1. Physician = 74.9
  2. Teacher (K-12) = 68.8
  3. Professional = 64.3
  4. Nurse = 63.9
  5. Manager, executive or official = 61.2
  6. Business Owner = 56.3
  7. Clerical or office = 55.3
  8. Sales = 54.1
  9. Service = 50.3
  10. Manufacturing or production = 44.1
  11. Construction or mining = 44.0
  12. Farming, fishing, or forestry = 43.3
  13. Installation or repair = 43.1
  14. Transportation = 40.0

3rd Quarter Report from our Insurance Trust

We received that on December 10th. Here are some highlights (in no particular order...very not Follow Thru of me I know):

  • We have 187 employees in our trust, which is up from 172 in the 2nd quarter.
  • Of the 187, 32 have no claims, or 17.01%.
  • 153 have claims above $0 but below $25,000.
  • In addition to the 187 enrolled employees, we have 3 spouses, 23 dependents under 18 and 4 that are either 18 or older. That brings our group up to 217.
  • Of those spouses and dependents, 21, or 70.17%, have 0 claims so far. 162 more have below $25,000.
  • Our average per employee per year claims is down by 1.5%.
  • Our average per member per year claims is down by 2.0%.
  • Current year payments are at $580,239, which is up from $546,699.
  • Prescription drug payments per person is up 23.9%, but our # of scripts are down by 8.4%.
  • Facility Inpatient is down 20.7%. Outpatient is flat
  • Physician inpatient is down 7.3%. Outpatient is down 17.2%
  • MHSA is up 36%
  • Laboratory & Radiology is down 8%
  • Other professional services is down 29.4%
  • Screening rates: Choloesterol = 40%; Colon Cancer = 3%; Mammogram = 63%; PSA (prostate cancer) = 7%; Cervical Cancer = 31%
  • In all, the cost of all payments (medical and drug) come to $1,769,570. Due to discounts from being in the trust, those bills were lowered y 1,041,219 to $728,351. Of that $728,351, coinsurance/copayment and deductibles counted for $148,112. That means the average employee paid 20.3% of the costs for medical and drug. That is down from 20.8%.

Board Meeting on December 17th

Here is what is on the agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approval and Adoption of Agenda
  • MSBA Board Meeting Review
  • Public Comments
  • East Elementary Board Presentation
  • PAWS Reports.
  • Audit Report (auditor Joe Leathers will be present to present)
  • Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR). Financials from 2014-15.
  • Program Evaluations: Climate Survey and Special Education.
  • Greater Warren County Economic Development Council update
  • SBAN (School Board Advocacy Network) date.
  • Legislative Forum (Missouri School Board Association) date.
  • Every Student Succeeds Act.
  • Missouri Legislative Bills filed that pertain to BOE members
  • Travel Reimbursement for Ruge
  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Employment (1 resignation; 1 resignation of a coaching position; hiring of 1 coaching position; hiring of 2 subs; retirement of 2 teachers)
  • 3rd reading of IGCBA
  • 2nd reading of BBB, BBBA, BBC, BHA, BHD (rescind), DGA, DCLA, JFH (rescind), KL
  • Bills
  • Transfer funds from Fund 1 to Fund 2 to cover certified salaries
  • Band Overnight Trip.
  • Closed session.
  • Adjourn

Trivia Answers

  1. Who wrote Rose Madder and The Green Mile? Stephen King
  2. What city is the capitol of Louisiana? Baton Rouge
  3. What decade did Catwoman first appear in Batman comics? 1940s
  4. Within 15, how many distinct words are used in Dr. Seuss' Cat in The Hat story? 236
  5. In what year did pop legend Michael Jackson die? 2009
  6. Yellowstone National Park is located in 3 states. Which state has most of the park? Wyoming