Have You Heard Of Deltas.

Made by Alex

Do you know what and how deltas and estuarys are formed?

A delta is a wetland that forms as a river dumps all its sediment and water into a valley.

How Deltas an Estuarys are formed

A delta is formed when rivers dump their water and sediment into a valley. A Estuary is formed when a fresh water strem meets the ocean. The process of them forming may take along time but its worth it.

Parker nationel wild life refuge.

The Parker national wildlife refuge is funnel shaped. It helps by letting more marine life and is a very nice place. Lets more fish swim.

Mississppi Delta/Niel Delta

The Mississippi Delta is a wetland. It can be found in Mississippi. Its low plain composed of clay. Its unicke because it can form other deltas. The niel deltas low plain is also composed of clay. It can make new deltas. It is very old. I do not now the locasion.