Computer Hardware

Hard Drive, HDD/SDD,Monitor,CPU ect.

Hard Drives- HDD, SDD

Alternatively referred to as a hard disk drive and abbreviated as HD or HDD, the hard drive is the computer's main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer.Solid State Drives (SSDs) are starting to replace hard disk drives (HDDs) in many computers because of the clear advantages these drives have over HDD. While SSD is becoming more and more popular, HDD will continue to be in desktop computers with SSD because of the available capacity HDD offers over SSD.


A monitor is a very useful device which is used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something or a piece of data. for example, a heart monitor which checks your heart beat. it can also observe and check it over a period of time.

CPU- Central processing unit

it processes instructions that it gathers from decoding the code in programs and other such files. A CPU has four primary functions: fetch, decode, execute, and writeback.