Tips for Middle School

By: Jarred Meyer April 29, 2015


Athletics is a fantastic program for kids who are looking to get in better shape. Kids who are looking to participate in school sports are required to be in athletics. Personally, I love athletics. The coaches are great as well as the program.

What Sports are in Athletics?

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country
Tennis is the only out of school sport available for our students. The grand part is you may participate in this activity without being in athletics. All these sports are fabulous and the more you do, the more likely you're able to receive our most prestigious award at the end of the year banquet. We call it the Super Cougar reward.

How can I Manage my Time?

Make sure to be as efficient as possible during class. You may think that teachers are trying to make you have homework every day. Surprise, they aren't. Mainly the homework you get is most likely work you did not finish your assignment in class. The more efficient you are the better you will do in class.


  • They email your parents sometimes.
  • They can take up your phone or iPad if you are using them inappropriately.
  • They offer detentions before, during lunch, after school
  • ISS is when you stay in one room all day and you can't talk to anyone. They even bring your lunch to you.The amount of days depends on what you did.


Staying organized is very important throughout the school year. Staying organized is simple. All you need to do is have a three ring binder. This help you keep track of your homework, and will prevent you from using ridiculous excuses like "My dog at my homework".