Daily Highlights

January 3rd, 2014

Court Date

I showed up to the courthouse on time without worry. I knew the cop wasn't going to show up because there was a special at Dunkin Donuts. In all fairness, I was tempted to ditch as well. So while I assume I'm going alone and just handing them the copies of my new ID and insurance card, my mom puts on a suit and comes with, then yammers on about how she's not my attorney. Then at the courthouse, some middle aged creeper hit on me in front of my mom and as I brushed it off my mom was typical Caucasian Helen... needless to say I need to start making memes of her. Also they thought I was underage and my mom was supervising me and asked if she can ensure I "improve my driving habits" so I'm never going to live that down. Also, my dad was trying to say I speed today at dinner and I made sure to interject "ALLEGED" and then reminded him that those accusations were dismissed in a court of law. Justice.


I was asked by Yolanda (Suresh's assistant at Loretto) to mentor her high school age daughter, Kayla. Yolanda wants Kayla to consider college applications earlier in the game and pick a better crowd to hang with. I think she probably just needs an intermediate between having a mother and being 15. We are getting mani-pedis!!!


Fishin' In The Dark by NittyGritty

Do you like the music?

I put this song because it will remind you of your down-home Champaign roots. Who's excited for #BARNDANCE2014