The patriot tratior

The story about Aaron burr

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A past tratior

There was a guy named Aaron burr who was not very trustworthy that I’m sure.

He would cheat on his country, lie on his foes, and start rumors in the streets that everyone knows.

Born from 1756 to 1836 he was something no one could fix.

Mother and father died what a shame moved in with his wealthy uncle who’s to blame?

Went to the collage of the city New Jersey went to Quebec won the battle didn’t even get thirsty.

Became promoted to rank major and then things even got stranger.

Aaron wanted more power and control over the weak. Then became a traitor this isn’t no phase for a week.

So he kept fighting in the war just to turn into a traitor.

He fooled his friends Hamilton, Jefferson, and Theodore sedwick cause they stood by his side in any situation but he won’t fooling Philip Schuyler no no no.

But he soon pushed it too far when he and Hamilton did not become president challenged Hamilton to a duel and shot him dead in front of house residents.

Went to a fair trial got off scotch free and became vice-president until his time to go became present.

R.I.P. Aaron

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