The Karate Class Mystery

Eliabeth levy

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Chip gose inviible,in the kata club. Justin he cant hear as well,in a kata class, best friend is chip,reads lips,started invible inc. club.Charlene is sometimes a little bit bossy or mean, but very brave, she has a strong spirit, she is extremely smart,kind of nice.Tonya is very sneaky, but sometimes lies.She is rude/ mean.She thinks shes a good person when she is not. She gives up her lies easly! She tries to get away with her lies.


karate dojo.

Details that go with the setting

In the karate dojo there are mats . A hard cold floor.Blue walls blue carpit


Chareen spilles juice on justins belt. Tonya takes it . Justin cant do kata without it. He keeps messing up.

Attempts to solve the problem

Charleen and tonya started a club.First they go to keiths house and they said 'wheel wash it'. But they where really looking for if he stole the belt.Nope,the belt said keith.Then they go to chip and do the same thing.He dosen't have the belt.Who has the belt?


Charleen and tonya are trying to solve the mystery.Tonya stole the belt.She went in late with her gi, on her belt it has orange spots on it just like justins.Case cracked,it was tonya.