The Story Behind Santa

There are many reasons how St. Nicholas became Santa.

St. Nicholas

Nicholas was a man who provided for the poor and was a bishop. One of the stories of how he became St. Nicholas is: He knew three sisters who could not marry because they were poor. One night he secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney, and landed in a stocking that had been hung out to dry by the fire. This was later repeated so that the younger daughter could marry also. The daughters were confused on what,who, and how this was happening. The word got out that it was him, and that he was so kind he became Saint Nicholas. Later on he died, but no one knows when. He was also known as just a giving man who gave gifts to the needy.
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About St. Nicholas

It is believed that St. Nicholas was born sometime in the 280 AD., in Patara. He was born into a Christian family and later became a bishop for his church. Many people were jealous of his wealth and kindness. He often traveled the countryside to help the poor and sick. His parents died while he was still in his early years. He later died on what is believed December 6th.
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St. Nicholas to Santa Claus

After he died his stories were spread all through the world. Although some of the stories were changed they stayed similar. Europe, Holland and the Dutch Believed in the stories of St. Nicholas. The dutch would Celebrate St. Nicholas with a feast and children would leave their shoes out and in the mourning there would be gifts. The Dutch called St. Nicholas, Sint Nikolaas or his nickname Sinter Klaas, they brought these traditions to America. Saint Nicholas went through many transformations. Santa Claus evolved around Sinter Claus.
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Santa Claus today

Santa to this day is known as a holly jolly man that has hardworking elf's making presents up at the north pole and, getting the presents ready for christmas eve. On Christmas eve he grabs all the presents and delivers them to each kids house that was on the nice list. In the morning when the kids wake up on Christmas day they look around and look under the tree to see if they were naughty or nice. If the kids are nice the find presents under the tree from Santa Claus. If the kids are naughty they find coal in their stocking.
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The Coca-cola Santa was created

In the 1920's the Coca-cola Santa was created. Coca-cola used Santa to help them advertise. In the 1930's an artist for Coca-cola drew the first ever Santa on a coke bottle. As Coca-cola grew popular because of the Santa they began to advertise in magazines. In 1931 to 1964 Coca-cola advertised Santa playing with toys and delivering them. Coca-cola helped shape the modern Santa we have today. They did their last Santa model in 1964.
Santa Claus is coming to town (Lyrics - Children version)
Santa Claus is coming to your house this December 25th 2015. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND A GOOD 4TH PERIOD TO YOU.