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5 kids find lost treasure worth millions of dollars!

A group of kids called “The Diaper Gang” find a lost treasure. Ten year old, Turtle is sent off to Key West Florida when her mom gets a new job. Turtle’s mom, Sadiebelle sends Turtle to stay with Turtle’s Aunt Minnie. Turtle has never met this aunt before and is greeted by a hectic house when she arrives in Key West. In all the stories “ Annie” had had happy endings. She was stuck in the dump of Key West! Minnie has four sons, Pork Chop, Beans, Buddy and Kermit. The boys have a babysitting group called “The Diaper Gang”. Turtle and the boys find themselves on a treasure hunt. They “borrow” a boat, sail of to an unknown island, uncover some strange things and have the most unique summer of their lives. Jenifer L. Holm describes a fun filled story of a young girl in Key West Florida. The Story takes place in June of 1935.

Turtle and her friends have left on a world wind adventure. .When Kermit convinces the kids to search for a treasure, everything goes downhill. When they steal Mr. Johnny’s boat to sail to an island they find themselves crashing. The young kids are stranded on the island and need to find a way back to safety at home. The kids are desperate to come home.

After a while on the beach the kid’s journey takes an unexpected turn. Just as they are about to give up Pork Chop and Buddy find a clue; a direct map of where the marvelous treasure lies. The boys dig and dig until the find victory. Before there eyes laid mountains of money and gold. Their journey was not the “Annie” happy ending yet. They were still stranded on the island with a broken boat. When they find a group of fallen trees they agree on building a raft. After working and working in the rain, the raft was finished. They scraped up anything edible and sail off. The wait and wait in their little boat. After a while Turtle spots a boat. A fisherman!!! They finally get home safe. When they arrive at the port, Aunt Minnie had the whole town looking for them. Sadiebelle quit her job and she drove down with her boyfriend Archie. Sadiebelle is waiting for Turtle. After that Archie proposes to Sadiebelle and Turtle goes to live in the new big house they are going to by. Pork Chop, Beans, Buddy and Kermit have their life go on. The kids get all the fame and glory, while living in riches. Minnie gets enough money to buy the new house she always wanted. After all, Turtle got her big happy Annie ending!

By Vaishali Shah

Turtle Traits


Turtle is the main character in the book Turtle in Paradise by Jenifer L. Holm.

She is a 12-year-old girl in 1935. She is separated from her mother she had to go through a very harsh move. In the beginning of the story turtle’s character was hidden but as she started to open up to key west you could see her true personality shine. She was very kind and empathetic. She cared for all of the people around her. Although she was skeptical at first, turtle ended up as a smart and creative girl who helped Key West grow.

She was used to living with her mother but now all she had was the hectic house. Turtle was very empathetic and respectful of her elders. Turtle understood the position her mother was in when she sent her to Key West.

Turtle is empathetic because she never complained out loud about her feelings of Key West. Turtle was in a new place with new people. She wanted her old life back but never was mean Aunt Minnie or any others in Key West. When she talked to her mother on the phone she only spoke of the good and never the bad. Turtle did not show her feelings in order to keep happy spirits flowing through the town. Turtle was empethetic and understood that others were also in an awkward position. Turtle was a great character in this book.

By Vaishali Shah

A Trip into 1935

In the very begining of the story, turtle was just being dropped off in Key West. When she first arrives the area is clearly not a wealthy or priviliged place. This showed that life for people in Key West was rather poor. In this time period there was not a lot of clean and wealthy areas. Key West Florida was lacked proper cleaning and care. Jenifer L. Holm writes “ what kind of house is this? I want to be back with mama, but Mr. Edgit had already drove away,” on page #12.

2. When turtle wanted to talk to her mother Sadiebelle, Turtle could only send letters or walk down the street to use her neighbors phone. The phone was old and she was only allowed to use it for a limited amount of time. The technolagy was very limited in 1936. On page *#72 Turtle said “ Here in Key West, I can’t talk to my own mama when I want to! I only got to call her once and I for that I had to walk all the way down into town. I could only write letters and then I had to wait until the postman came to pick it up. It took forever for my message to get to mama.”

3. Turtle was living in a time when many sweets and treats were a luxuary. It was a treat to get an ice cream. Turtle and the kids were very happy when they revieved an ice cream. To have enough money for one scoop was soemthing to charish. On page #47 Jenifer L. Holm writes, “ I want an ice cream!
“But we don’t got no nickles” says beans
“ We never got no nickles” buddy says pouting.
This shows that they are not treated to sweets that often.

4. During the story kids were not exposed to much life outside their small community. Because there was little travel the Diaper Gang did nto know much about any place other than Key West. They were only aware of their own surrounding in the small town. Turtle had no idea that people like Minnie were living like this. Se had no awareness of other people’s lifestyles. On page #19, Turtle says” What a dump, this is Key West”. This shows how much Turtle had not known about Key West. She was used to living in a nice house but know she was in a very new environment.

A Time To Remember; from 1936- 2013

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