Vaccination Choice

Vaccination is a choice and should not be mandated

Should people be required to get vaccinated for particular diseases? which ones? why?

If someone chooses not to get vaccinated should they be held responsible if they transmit the disease they could have been vaccinated against?

Pros and Cons l

Vaccines cures bad stuff in the body. It helps the body to fight off the diseases and keeps you from getting the disease. More people could die by not getting the vaccine of the disease starts to spread. The diseases that are prevented by vaccinations can cause death.


Vaccines don't always keep you from getting sick and you might have to get a booster shot because the shot didn't last. More than 145,000 children have died over the last 20 years from a result of multiple vaccinations. Many children have had severe side effects from vaccines.

My Story

I was born September 18,1996. No one knows if I was born with Autism or if I obtained it through some other way. When I was three years old I was diagnosis with Autism. My parents were told that I could have been exposed to Mercury in the MMR shot which might be a factor in Autism. Because of this information, my parents chose not to give me the 2nd MMR shot. This was their choice not to take the chance that I would become severely Autistic after the consultation of the Children's Hospital at the University of Iowa. So it is my opinion that it is the parents right to decide what is best for their child.

Science behind Vaccinations

  • Most vaccines take time to become effective

  • Some must be given in a series over a few days of weeks

  • Travel Vaccinations

    • Routine, Recommended, Required

    • Meant to protect travelers from diseases in other parts of the world

  • Bacterial: Grown in petri dishes

  • Viral: Require a live host

  • Vaccines were originally given by using the infected matter from one human and introducing it to the body of another

  • Children are required to have 30 vaccine shots with multiple at one time before the age of six.

    Vaccines help build the immune system without getting sick.

    Vaccines were developed to help prevent a wide breakout of disease.

policy recommondation

I think the people should have a choice whether to be vaccinated or not because we should have the freedom of choice. We should have the right to decide what to put in our body. People shouldn't be forced to get vaccinated. Nobody knows what the effects are going to be for any child.

Law and Policies

At this time there are no federal laws require vaccination but state law require school age children to be vaccinated to enter school unless the child is excused because of a medical excuse or religious beliefs.