Morales' Morsels

News from room 22


Next Thursday, September 24th, we will be going to American Royal. Please dress your child in a Procter t-shirt if you have one. Otherwise, a blue shirt is perfect!

Learning Targets

Science: All living organisms grow and change through life cycles; they inherit traits from their parents; and these inherited traits can be influenced by the environment.

Math: Rounding to the nearest ten and hundred; round to find a reasonable sum (ex: 561+732=? round: 600+700=1300 is reasonable because actual answer is not far off: 1293).

Reading: When reading, good readers make a movie in their mind and let new information change that movie as they read.

Spelling: Long /o/ sound; ow like follow; oa like croak; o_e like slowest

Writing: Creating a rough draft: fast draft to get ideas down; writing a good lead and ending.

Homework Policy

Homework is intended to be practice for skills that are close to mastery. That being said, I do not send homework home; research shows it takes 28 times to learn something new. Should it be practiced incorrectly, 28 times to undo and 28 times to redo! I expect students to read 20 minutes every night and to practice their spelling words. The new spelling sheets are for home and not required to be sent back to school. Students may login to; or for more practice if you have internet access!

Don't hesitate to contact me for questions using Class Dojo or my email:!

Sincerely, Mrs. Morales