PVE Friday Focus

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Fall Break


I hope you each have a great and restful Fall Break. Some highlights as you head into this week away from work:

*Congratulations to Scott Miller on his Imagine Grant

*Congratuations to Laurie Wanser and the Wellness team on their ZEF Grant

*Welcome to Kristen Winters as Secretary/Treasurer. We are fortunate to have Kristen on our team!

*Veterans Day Planning is well under way. Thank you to our planning team as we have moved quickly on some great plans to celebrate this special day!

In news and notes, PVE will be adding an additional instructional assistant. This was approved at Monday's Board meeting. In addition, this past Monday was the yearly Budget proposal. I would encourage you to listen to the podcast. Mr. Schafer does an incredible job and this proposal was a great example of his leadership and the financial vision of the entire ZCS leadership team. I found it very beneficial to understand ZCS and our role among state and national funding standards. More importantly, there is a solid plan for years to come.

I will be sending out a return note that will meet you Monday morning as you come back to routine of school. I feel very thankful and blessed to have such a great staff. You all have poured tremendous effort into a great first quarter of school. Take this time next week and enjoy every minute!! Have a great Fall Break!!!

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From Our STEM Lab

Notes from the lab

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

-Rollo May


You have probably seen this video before. It probably made you laugh the first time you saw it. In fact, it was so funny that State Farm made a whole series of these videos. Different scenarios where the words are the same, but the context is different. We have all probably been in a similar situation with technology. We read the words but did not understand the context.

While technology offers opportunities to connect, collaborate, and communicate in ways never before imagined, it can also lead to a loss of context. In a building of our size, it is easy to rely on technology to communicate to save time and access more people at once. As I strive to be the best coach I can be here at PVE, I am constantly reading that building relationships is most important. I find that the best way to strengthen communication and build relationships is through good old-fashioned conversations. I want to sit down with you, smile at you, look you in the face, and listen. Technology is great, but it is no replacement for personal relationships. Let’s build a community, one chat at a time.


Stephanie Compton
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