Robert L. Brock vs. Robert L. Brock

By: Jordan Minchew

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Indian Creek Correctional Center

  • Located in Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • Opened in 1994.
  • It is a level 2 medium security prison.
  • Home to one of the largest substance abuse programs in the US.
  • The phone number is 757-421-0095
  • The average inmate population is 1,002.
  • Inmates help make plastic bags.
  • The prison is separated into 6 housing units.
  • Indian Creek Correctional specializes in housing inmates with substance abuse problems.
  • If you choose to visit someone serving time at Indian Creek, you have to follow a strict dress code set forth by the state of Virginia.
  • Their phone number is (757)-421-0095.
  • The inmates also work to manufacture chemicals.
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Robert Lee Brock

Robert Lee Brock was serving a 23 year sentence at Indian Creek Correctional. On July 1993, he got really drunk and broke into someone's house and commited theft. He was charged with grand larceny and breaking and entering. Grand larceny is theft of property above a specified value. In most states, theft over $1,000 is considered grand larceny. He is still in prison today, and continues to file and appeal frivolous lawsuits.

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Inmate Case Points

  • In 1995, Brock filed a very unique lawsuit/
  • He was suing himself for five million dollars.
  • His reasoning was that on the night he committed the crime, he got drunk, and drunkenness violated his personal and religious beliefs.
  • He stated that he would be glad to pay himself the 5 million, but since he was incarcerated, he contended that the state of Virginia should pay him the 5 million.
  • He also said that he would pay the state of Virginia back after he was released.
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Case Ruling

“Plaintiff has presented an innovative approach to civil rights litigation. However, his claim and especially the relief sought are totally ludicrous.” This is the ruling handed down by the court that heard his case. The judge was not amused by Brock's creativity. The judge threw out the lawsuit on the grounds of it being frivolous. Brock attempted to appeal his case several times, but was continually denied. He continues to file law suits, against the prison and his fellow inmates.
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