Should You Go On A Cleanse?

By: Courteny Cox


“Should you go on a cleanse” is an article on and written by Marie Spano. This article is broken down into six different sections: cleanse out the what, juicing out the truth, cleanse sites, cleansing calories and nutrients, the good things about cleanses, and how to make a cleanse work.

In the first section the cleanse out the what the article begins with discussing what a cleanse is and what it does for the body. The human body starts collecting toxins, allergens, and waste which can make the human body feel bloated tired and fat. This section also explains what some cleanses might ask someone to do like reduce intake of processed food, alcohol, caffeine and a few different lengths that a cleanse can be. The next section juicing out the truth begins by explaining that there are no research-based evidence proves that cleanses actually work. It also discusses even though there is no evidence that shows it works doesn’t mean it wont make you feel better.

The article begins to start explaining the major sites in you body that cleanse your body naturally. The cleanse site the article talks about is the kidneys and liver and the intestines. The article makes a point out that the body naturally cleanses your blood and body from toxins every day and cleanses may not help these organs function better. The next topic in the article is cleansing, calories, and nutrients. Within this section describes that one-way that cleanses seem like they work is because they rely on a minimal calorie intake for the signs of weight loss. Discusses that cleanses can leave you feeling tired and dizzy due to that lack of calories. Also a very important factor with doing a cleanse that if someone has a deficiency of a vitamin and they cut the food that helps with the deficiency the affects can worsen.

Within the section, the good things about cleanses, it discusses some topics that are very beneficial to the human body from different cleanses but not only the cleanses but the types of foods someone eats on a cleanse can be beneficial to less cancer risk, decrease food sensitivity, and lowering chances of heart disease. These positive affects are mainly achieved by following similar foods choices that you would do when on a cleanse by choosing healthier options. Finally the lest section, how to make a cleanse work, discusses that if someone is in good pre-existing health with no issues that would be the best time to do a cleanse and you want to avoid areas with heavy training, ill, and with high amounts of stress in life.

Article Information: Author- Marie Spano, Source-, Publication date-September 14, 2015

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In our society right now cleanses and detoxes have been and are becoming more and more common. This article is very reliable and factual article for someone to read who might be considering a cleanse in their life. As I began to analyze the authors credibility I believe for her to be a very reliable source of information. The authors name is Marie Spano. Marie Spano has her MS, RD. She is also the Vice President of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) while she is also a registered dietitian with a MS in nutrition. By only examining the author you would view this article as being a very reliable source of information since she has studied nutrition and works as a dietitian. The author is able to give many important facts within the article without making them seem like opinions. As I move forward and begin to look at the article as whole it is well organized and does not try persuade the reader one way or the other and the article is not written as if it were selling something.

With that being said, it gives the reader a more open feeling as to what the article has to say about cleanses and not feel pressured by opinions. The article gives the reader a large array of information that covers many different topics within the cleanse topic. When someone is trying to determine whether or not they are wanting to do a cleanse I believe that this is a very reliable source for someone to read to help make that decision. It offers many facts about both pros and cons to cleanses and does use any terms like magical weightless. This article uses proper terminology when referring to the human body when explaining the kidneys, liver, intestines/colon and also when discussing the different vitamins. If a patient were to consult with me about the possibility of the patient starting a cleanse I would use this article as a tool to help the patient decide if a cleanse is right for the. When examining the bodybuilding website they appear to focus on the nutritional status o everyone to read from their website. They do not sell and force products upon people and really make it known that they inform you about both sides to when doing different excercise programs they inform you the best ways to stay nutritional.

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