The Troubles Of Baalboden

Defiance, C. J Redwine

Hoping For A Return!

Defiance is a book about a girl named Rachael and a boy named Logan who are trying to escape into the Wasteland to find Rachael dad because The Commander declared him dead after he didn’t return from his mission because he had 62 days to return but Rachael and Logan believed he was still alive. Rachael watched The Commander kill Oliver (Rachael’s Grandfather) but when The Commander kills him Rachael doesn’t know who it is until he takes off the cloth. The Commander killed Oliver because he was caught hiding in the Wasteland. Rachael is a brave and confident girl, she is also strong, she never gives up on what she believes in. She tried to run away but the commander caught her than Logan went after her and The Commanders guards caught him than The Commander was threatening to kill them but they both knew where the package The Commander was looking for. The Commander said they could go in the Wasteland after they got ready, so Rachael and Logan went back home and trained, packed, made weapons, but then The Commander made Rachael go to the Claiming Ceremony where the girls get claimed by another guy in the city. At the Claiming Ceremony The Commander made Logan mad but touching Rachael and arguing about Rachael’s claiming, so Logan tried killing The Commander but failed, he then got sent to the dungeon. Rachael had to go to the Wasteland with this new guy named Melkin, they traveled for 4 weeks than they finally found these tree people who had the package because Jared (the dad) gave it to them to give to Logan, and because Jared died. Rachael was so sad because her dad, grandfather and she doesn’t have Logan, but Rachael never gave up and neither did Logan. Logan Blew up a wall in the dungeon after a week of being in there and he run away and into the Wasteland to find Rachael, when he finds her Melkin is died because Rachael thought he was trying to kill her so she killed him. Rachael is now with Logan, Willow and Quinn, Willow and Quinn are the tree people she found. They continue their journey back to Baalboden, Logan uses The Commanders signal for him to come into the Wasteland. When The Commander comes into the Wasteland Logan calls The Cursed One with the device that was in the package. They thought they killed The Commander than they try and send The Cursed One away but instead they send it to Baalboden. They killed many people but they saved a little group of people, they also figured out that The Cursed One can be killed with acid. Logan and Rachael saved only a little bit of the people in the city, the rest died, they ruined the whole city so than they now have to build a new city in the Wasteland, which will take a lot of time with the little amount of people they have. This is a summary of the book Defiance.

Never Giving Up

I chose this song for Defiance because they never gave up, even though their heart was saying to, they always felt like they lost everything but they still didn't give up. They did what they had to and never gave up. Rachael and Logan always thought that their life wasn't good enough but they still never gave up. They knew that their life was import to someone out there and it turns out they both loved each other, that's why they never gave up.


Calling Glory Don't Give Up by KJIL

Lyrics To Don't Give Up By CAlling Glory

This time your heart said it's had enough
Sick and tired of everything that's so messed up
You don't wanna move on just playing games
Praying hard somehow that your life will change
When you feel like you don't know what to do
Stuck inside this maze you can't go through

Don't give up
Help is surely on its way
And don't give up
And the dark is breaking in today
And just keep on moving through these storms
And soon enough you'll find the door
Just don't give up
Oh, and don't give up

These walls around you are caving in
And your life seems like it is wearing thin
And your hope is drowning in despair
It looks like you're not going anywhere
Step inside this heart and then you'll see
Such a love that is so amazing

Chorus X2