1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 32: May 17-21, 2021

Happy Monday families!

Our ABC Countdown continues! :)

Monday, Letter N: Name That Dinosaur!

Tuesday, Letter O: Oobleck - We will create Oobleck while reviewing states of matter.

Wednesday, Letter P: "Pete the Cat Day" Pete the Cat themed day, we will write our own stories, draw, and read about Pete.

Thursday, Letter Q: Queen and King Day - We will all be queens and kings while we celebrate others in our school. We will also create our own Coat of Arms.

Friday, Letter R: Rainbow - Learning about rainbows and writing about them.

  • ALL library books are due this Friday, May 21, 2021.

  • This will be the last week both teachers will conduct small group & BLAST. If your child is an at home BLAST student, please bring Workbook 2 and the complete kit back by May 28th. Both the kits and workbooks can be left in the front office. We greatly appreciate it. :)

  • Lastly, our MAP scores for both Math & Reading are in. Your students teachers will be sending them out by Monday evening the latest.

Our learning goals for this week:


- I can quickly recognize the quantity of objects.
- I can count both forward and backward from any given number.
- I can add to find the sum.
- I can apply my knowledge of place value to numbers greater than 120 to compare and order.


- I can read, write and spell with words with vowel patterns au and aw.
- I can read, write, and spell words that include spelling changes.
- I can blend and segment sounds in words.
- I can read and write high frequency words: done, there, think, warm, went, without, woman, worked

Big Ideas:

- I can describe the importance of folktales, myths, and legends.
- I can capitalize the first word of a sentence.
- I can capitalize the pronoun ' i '.
- I can use periods and question marks appropriately.

Please reach out to us with any questions. We're always happy to help! :)

Cub Hugs,

- The First Grade Team

Miss Barbosa: monica.barbosa@austinisd.org

Mrs. Preston: karen.preston@austinisd.org