E-Staff Weekly for 11/17/14

Panther P.R.O.U.D.

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful job with our PROUD Assembly this morning. A BIG thank you to Missy Kunakorn for leading our SWEBS committee to create this wonderful model. I also want to thank the following staff for their support with this initiative:

SWEBS Committee:

Ken Ehrmann

Laura Escudero

LeeAnn Haberle

Tara Curato

Nancy Samuels

Chad Shaw

Set-Up and Logistics:

Tina Hulshizer

Cathy Cush

Bob Williams

Angela Nice

Lunch/Recess and Coats

The winter months are coming quickly (UGH!) Please remind students (and parents) about dressing their children appropriately for weather conditions.

In addition, with our new lunchroom/recess procedures, students will be taking their coats/gloves/hats/mittens with them to the cafeteria. Please remind students that they are responsible for keeping track of their possessions. They can wear or sit on their coat while they eat keeping their other winter wear in coat pockets or sleeves.

Curriculum Map Suggestions Due

Friday, Nov. 14th 2014 at 9pm

Miles' Mailbox

This packet was distributed by grade level at the last faculty meeting.

Extra Causal for a Cause Day for Donation

Friday, Dec. 12th 2014 at 12am

Pennridge School District

Staff are permitted to wear jeans for a donation (you choose the amount) for Blue Jeans for Babies, United Way. Please make your donation via Tina to receive your "special sticker" to wear on the 12th. If you have any questions, please let the office know.

Principal's Council Meeting

Monday, Nov. 17th 2014 at 8:15pm

Conference Room

Letters to Soldiers

Amy Hejnar as asked to reach out to the staff about writing letters to soldiers serving our country. If you are interested in doing this with your students, please provide the letters to Tina no later than 12/23/14.

This may make a great a center activity too.

Seylar Staff Handbook Reminders

Each teacher implements procedures within the classroom to reinforce and support the implementation of behavioral expectations. These procedures include incentives for students demonstrating positive behavioral choices, as well as logical consequences designed to foster student accountability.

In those situations involving serious misbehavior that interferes with the rights of others to learn, interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach, are physically unsafe, or involves the destruction or loss of property, parents will be contacted. This contact will be made by phone or through sending home either a Primary (Gr. 1-3) or Intermediate (Gr. 4-5) “Problem Solving Report”. The child’s homeroom teacher will also maintain a record of any serious misbehavior. If a student continues to accumulate infractions for serious misbehavior, additional privileges could be lost. The plan outlining this procedure is shared with each parent at the beginning of the year.

Classroom Assessment Review

Grade 4 is scheduled for Assessment Review by the Principal. Please see the Seylar Staff Handbook for further details.

Happy Birthday to You!

EMILY STOKES - November 1


CINDY HAYES - November 28


What's Your Why?

Rosanna Hilton - Speech

I knew I wanted to be a Speech/Language Therapist when I was in High School and had the privilege of shadowing the therapist on staff for a day. She allowed me to join in lessons with the Life Skills class and while interacting with the students there I realized that giving them the tools they needed to be good communicators was a powerful thing. My favorite subjects were always reading and language arts so it seemed like a natural fit to teach kids how to use language effectively. It’s pretty rewarding to see students use their new skills to communicate with everyone around them.

Sara Gray - Instrumental Music

I believe that music is one thing that ties everyone together. The world needs music. I teach music to give children a basic understanding of music concepts and to help them grow to appreciate various genres and styles of music. By doing this, it is my hope that they learn to appreciate, not only the differences in music style and types, but appreciate the differences in others as well.

Joan Loeb - Teacher Assistant, Autistic Support

To tell you the truth, I never chose to join the noble teaching profession; it chose me. To begin with, that’s what my mother wanted me to do…that, and wear make-up. So naturally, becoming a teacher was not on my top 10 list of things-I-wanted-to be-when I-grow-up. I majored in Communications at Penn State and found work right away in the production department at Channel 29.

After 7 years, I spent 1 year traveling across the country, and then settled in Missoula, Montana for the next 7 years, where I worked at the newspaper in advertising layout. We headed back to Bucks County and I stayed home with my first-born for the next 7 years. I spent time at his school as a classroom mom, and then they asked me if I’d consider coming to work there as a teaching assistant. I loved it! I enjoyed the children and supporting them so they could be successful…and I discovered that I was pretty good at it!

So you see, education chose me almost 20 years ago; the last 13 in the Pennridge School District. I think my journey to this particular destination makes me a very good fit, and wouldn’t you know it; my mother was right!

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