All About My Life..... :0 :p :) :8

April 14,1998-????????

something you should know about me..........????????

Something you should know is I like watching movies. I like riding bikes. I can be a girly girl when I want to be and I can also be a tom boy. I am quiet when i want to be and loud. I am 15 years old, my mom held me back in kindergarten. :[ My favorite colors are black and lime green.

my favorite things are..........

my favorite.....
sport cheer leading
food pizza extra cheese
subject english
game jackpot
things to do kinda anything
song i dont have one i like A LOT of songs
grade third
number 14 and 16
movie lifted and the 5th quarter

i am good at.......

I am good at board games, writing, reading, spelling, cheering, making friends, and solving problems.

learning ways......

In Spanish I have to say the words a lot. In Math I use lattice. In English I just get it. In History I like the movies better than just reading the book. In Science\Biology I have never disected anything but I want to. In Computers I have to look at the keys. I cant just type not looking....yet......

my background

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids MI. I am a christian and I try to go to church every Sunday. I grew up with my mom, 2 sisters and brother. My dad was in and out of my life. Now my dad is in my life... to stay.