Successful Purim Pizza&Torah Drive!

MAGAV soldiers in Yerushalayim

You made it happen! Thanks!

This Purim, Panim el Panim friends in the US have helped to bring Mishloach Manot with treats, tactical gear and words of Torah to the Chayalim. Below are pictures from one of the events we ran thanks to your help!

This celebration was at the Sacher Garden in Jerusalem where the soldiers participated in sports activities, listened to a Shiur by colonel Rapp, and finished with pizza and coke that you helped send!

Our sincere thanks to all who took part!

Go friends of PLP!

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Panim el Panim is an organization which works to bring unity in Israel through teaching Judaism and jewish identity within the IDF and to tens of thousands other young Israelis. The American friendship was established years back to bring these amazing news to the knowledge of the American Jewish community and to encourage their support in this wonderful organization.