Sarah Wimberley


The capital city Manila. There population is 105,720,644 as of 2014. East of the Philippines is the Pacific Ocean.

Physical Features

Mount Pinatudo, there are 11 main islands, The islands are covered by forest.

Geographic Boundaries

  • North of the Philippines is Taiwan.
  • South of the Philippines is Indonesia.
  • East of the Philippines is the Pacific Ocean.
  • West of the Philippines is Vietnam.


  • Thousands of years ago, people lived in caves on the islands.
  • Ferdinand Magellan claims the islands for Spain and is killed by Lapu Lapu.
  • The Philippines became part of the Spanish Empire in 1565.
  • Japanese invade and occurpy the islands during World War II.

People and Places

  • The weather in the Philippines is tropical.
  • The Philippines is in a typhoon belt.
  • 70 languages are spocken in the Philippines.
  • Most of the people in the Philippines are Roman Catholic.


  • Toys are expensive so kids play with anything they can find.
  • They have Fiestas and local festivals.
  • They usually ate rice and vegetables.
  • Life as a kid was pretty much the same as the United States.


  • The Philippines has a President like the United States.
  • A peso is money which equals 2 penny's in the United States.
  • They have jeepneys they are cars made out of US military jeeps.
  • They also have a legislative branch like the United States.

Other Facts

  • Filipino family's have godparents when a new baby is born.
  • Ferdinard Marcos became president in 1965.
  • Filipino kids went to school at age 6.