The truth of GMO tomatoes

simran josan


did you guys know what GMO is? its a term called genetically modified organism and you can find in it in any branches for plants or even animals. the research of GMO is very new and still needs to be tested. in the following research i will show you an example of GMO tomato with the name of flavr savr . the company Calgene in California introduced this product after many tests to the FDA (food and drug administration) which approved the vending of the flavr savr tomto in 1994. it was on of the first commercially licensed GMO product for human usage.

how is the tomto GM

the researchers of the company calgene aimed to create a tomoto with less softness. therefor they decided to remove an enzyme called polygalacturonase. this enzyme also affect the fruit softening, that means it will degrade the cell walls of the fruit in our case the tomoto. additionally the company researchers also used ethylene gas to make them artificially soft. (webmotive 2006)

What is the purpose for the creation of the organism

the main purpose to create a GMO toamto was necessary because for today's society there is a need for product to last longer. this will provide the consumer to save their money and time. the following list will show you the utmost goals:

  • longer shelf life
  • generate softness and also hardness by choice
  • good for food business (shipping) (wiki 2015)

What are the advantages of the organism to society and the environment

tomatoes are good for human body that's why research on tomoto is very important for certain health issue. there for, to provide the tomoto longer shelf life with the help of GMO method will give us many advantages such as:

  • improves of eye sight
  • helps weak stomach
  • reduce blood pressure
  • relief diabetes
  • protect kidneys
tomanto consist of a large number of antioxidants that have been proven to fight different forms of cancer. there are many experiment which proof that GMO food is more immune against different dieases.(fungi) furthermore, the GMO concept helps the production company to save more money because a longer shelf life is relevant for a long distance shipping. (webmotive 2006)

What are the risks of the organism to society and the environment

for our example the flavr savr toamto did not reach the expectations as it was promised by the scientists. even thought, the GMO tomoto shows a healthy image from outside, from the inside it can be a total different look for example it woudent show the actual freshness of the tomoto. however the creation of the GMO tomoto was also to prevent certain diseases, its still caused some risk of disorders. when the company flaor savr tomoto if the experment fails they wate money they wasted about $200 million, they are no longer a life from inside because they took their gene. (GMF 2005)

personal opinion

GMO's can be good or bad depending on the product and the company who develops it. The GM tomato can beneficial as it can treat cancer,it's good for eye sight, and it helps reduce stomach pain. On the other hand the gm tomato can be harmful because we don't know the chemicals they use in modifying the tomato. The appearance of the GM tomato could be a deception to the consumer as the flavr savr company makes the tomato appear darker (dark red) and in result, more fresh. This illusion made alot of the consumers buy the product
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