The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Christopher Paul Curtis -created by :Rihanna Tay Posey


This book was about Kenny and his family how his brother was getting into a lot of trouble.The book was based on a bombing at a church on Sixthteen avenue in Birmingham.Bryon was acting up in Flint,Michigan.So his parents took him to Grandma Sands house in Birmingham hoping that he would learn something.

Author Information

Christopher Paul Curtis is award winning author for several books like Bud, Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to Birmingham. He is now at the age of 62 and he is still alive to this day.He is married to his spouse Habon Aden Curtis they have been married 20 years.

Description Of Characters

Kenny was a kid with an lazy eye that was very smart and had really just messed up and he made an crazy decision.Bryon was a kid that made very bad decisions in his life in Flint,Michigan.Joey mostly spent her time getting Bryon out trouble with their parents because he did something bad.Wilona was the mom of Bryon,Kenny,Joey she was always yelling at Bryon.Daniel was the husband that loved his car the Brown Bomber that was his pride and joy besides his family.

Timeline Of Events

Bryon got his lips stuck to the mirror of the car then momma tried pulling his lips off.That didn't work so they poured hot water on his lips it froze the water.Bryon almost got burnt by a match because he was playing with matches.Daniel added a record player to the car,the Watsons went to Birmingham.They had planned out how the trip was gonna work out and then dad went all the way through. They arrived at Grandma Sands house momma honked the horn like a crazy person.It was too hot for Bryon and Kenny to sleep the next morning.Grandma warned them not to go swimming in the dangerous side at Collier's Landing.But Kenny went swimming there anyway and then he thought he was dead.Then on sunday Joey went to church and there was bombing a the church Joey had went to.Joey wouldn't have left the church if she didn't see Kenny.
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Watsons Go to Birmingham Clip: "Car Window"