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Weekly Newsletter - March 21, 2019

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Our Motto: Teaching the Mind...Nourishing the Soul

Theme for the Year - TRUTH

At St. Joseph Catholic School, we are striving to become missionary disciples by revealing the Truth of Christ to others through our actions.

Our Mission and Vision Statements


St. Joseph Catholic School provides students with a safe and prayerful learning environment, enveloped by an intimate community of active and faithful families.


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fort Worth are committed to opening the doors so that our students can reach further than the walls that would otherwise enclose them and therefore are able to recognize and cherish the eternal and transcendental goods of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

From the Principal

Welcome back from Spring Break, Knight Families! It's wonderful to see everyone once again. I hope and pray all of you had some time with your family, recharging to finish the remainder of the school year strong.

Now that Spring has arrived, I look forward to all the new growth that will appear. We can look at the Lenten Season in much the same way. We spend the weeks before Jesus' glorious Resurrection, reflecting on what needs changing, or growth in our own lives. One can look at the brown bulb of a tulip before it is planted, wondering how this will ever become the beautiful bloom we all know and love. At times, we might feel like this brown bulb, but Jesus never gives up on us. With His guidance and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we continue to cultivate our lives, working to overcome our faults and to grow closer to Him.

I pray your journey through this Lenten Season is doing just that, bringing you and your entire family closer to Christ. Please pray for me and my family as well.

In Christ's service,

Diane Price, M.Ed.L.


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Truth Bible Verse for March

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Saintly Quotes to Ponder

Truth always ends by victory; it is not unassailable, but invincible. - St. Ignatius of Loyola

Blessed the one who loves truth continually and has not lent his mouth as an instrument of impiety by lying, for he fears the commandment about idle speech. - St. Ephrem of Syria

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Latin and greek roots challenge

No new roots. This week is a review week.

Enrollment for 2019-2020

  • New Family Enrollment Application - The link to the application for new families to the school is on the school website. We are still enrolling new families. Spread the word!

Boosterthon Fun Run and Color Run

Today, students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a Crazy Sock Day for meeting one of the Boosterthon Goals! Thank you for all the support, Knight families!

Also, the Holy Spirit must be working through us! We found out that today, March 21st, is coincidentally World Down Syndrome Day which is a day to bring awareness to include and respect all individuals with Down Syndrome by wearing “crazy” or “wild” socks. By wearing our "crazy" or "wild" socks, we not only are rewarded for our fun run work, but we can also remember the importance of facilitating the inclusion and respect for individuals with Down syndrome. A win - win! God is good...all the time!

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • This is the last day we are collecting food for the St. Joseph parish food pantry in honor of our patron, St. Joseph. We have set up an altar in the cafeteria for the food collection. Whatever you can bring that does not need refrigeration will be accepted. Thank you!

  • Free Dress tomorrow for students of parents who attended Wednesday's HSA Meeting, and are members of HSA.

  • 3rd Quarter Report Cards will be emailed on Tuesday, March 26th.

  • If you are an Amazon customer, please use Amazon Smile! We receive a donation from Amazon when you shop. Go to: to participate. It is a very easy way to support the school! Thank you!

  • If you know a St. Joseph Catholic School alumni, please let them know we are looking to stay in contact, and would love to hear how they are doing. See the notice in our alumni section of below.

The ST. Joseph 22nd Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner

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Save the Date!

Saturday, April 27th at Tierra Verde Golf Club in Mansfield.

Sponsors are still needed. Please see the Thursday Folder for many more details of this exciting fundraising event!

Home and School Association (HSA)

  • Come to our next HSA Spirit Night, Tuesday, April 5th at Spring Creek BBQ on 3608 S. Cooper from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

  • The next HSA Meeting will be May 8th at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria. There is no HSA Meeting in April.

  • Please bring in your box tops. Be sure to check out the bulletin board display in the cafeteria to see which homeroom is in the lead! Thank you for all the hard work cutting and collecting for the school!

  • Looking for uniform pieces? Need to sell some pieces your child has outgrown? There is a Facebook page for that: SJCS Online Uniform Resale.

Safe Environment Training

You must first create a profile in VIRTUS for the Safe Environment Diocesan Program.

Per the Diocese, all school volunteers if they are current on Safe Environment, will have until 7/31/19 to renew through VIRTUS if you do not expire before that date. You need to go on the VIRTUS website and make a profile. You can do this without signing up for a class. Profiles are needed in the new system so we know you have previous training, as the old database is no longer open for viewing.

Please check with your local parish for available dates and times for training sessions.

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Learning Serendipitous Joy

The act of chasing joy is like chasing a frightened cat. The more we run after it, the more elusive it becomes. In contrast, the happiest times often pop up at the least expected times, often when we aren’t pursuing them.

According to most definitions, the term “serendipitous” refers to something positive discovered or experienced by chance.

How important is it that our children learn that true happiness and contentment are not found in the accumulation of material goods or exciting activities, but are often found in seemingly chance experiences when they struggle with boredom and experience fulfilling relationships?

I wasn’t thinking this through too deeply when I thought about how nice it would be to have some quiet time with my son, Cody. “This will be great. Let’s have a technology-free weekend!”

He was less than impressed. “Aw, Dad. No… this is going to be the worst.”

At first his forecast seemed spot on. Clouds and high winds swirled around as he moped about the house. “Oh, man… this is so boring.”

Searching for something to fill the time, I sat at the table reenacting an activity I’d learned from my grandmother: making a cabin out of wooden matchsticks, toothpicks, and school glue.

Bored stiff and still huffing and puffing, Cody sat by my side and began his construction project. Using a hot glue gun instead of my slow-drying variety, he created an entire village, complete with livestock, before I’d finished the fourth wall of my first cabin.

His upset turned to elation as he shared his creation with his mother and then posed for a photo.

While joy does seem serendipitous, we can up the odds of it by creating more times where we relate to each other without the distractions of technology or highly stimulating activities. What’s the tough part? It’s weathering the boredom storms so we can experience the rainbows.

Dr. Charles Fay

President of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

Knights in Action!

Frassati Recipient

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Congratulations, Jacob Pollifrone! You serve the Lord through your kindness and willingness to help your classmates, and we are grateful to you for this. Thank you! The Beatitude you exemplify: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

The tradition of the St. Joseph Altar

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Food continues to arrive in the cafeteria! Thank you to everyone who has donated already. Let's fill the table and beyond! All items will be donated to those in need in the Arlington area.

Feast Day of St. Joseph, our Patron

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Moments Captured around campus

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Lower school classes built 3-dimensional structures using plastic eggs and play-doh. Some examples of shapes the students created included cube, pyramid, and sphere. Upper school classes examined the strength of individual materials compared to composite materials. Using wood glue and craft sticks, students tested the strength and stiffness of a composite compared to the individual materials by themselves. We had fun putting on our engineering caps in STREAM today!

RoboKnights in Action!

Here is a robot in action after coding the sensors to follow the black and white markers on the board, ultimately performing an action task. Bravo, RoboKnights! You are learning more and more for next season!

alumni news

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Mrs. Pouttu had a visitor today! Joyce Nguyen from the Class of 2017 stopped by for a chat! This is 5th grader, Thien-Y Nguyen's older sister.
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All SJCS Alumni, we want to hear from you, and to share any news you have with the rest of the Knight Community! Please send us your address, phone number, and email address so we may keep in touch. Please send your information to Monica Hurtado at

Do you have any information you would like to share with the entire Knight Community? We would love that as well! Please send your news to

Once a Knight - Forever a Knight!

Are you in need of prayers?

The St. Joseph School Community would be honored to pray for you. Please send all prayer requests to this email address:

Meet our parish priests!

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish

  • Check out the Thursday Folder for an invitation to stroll down memory lane at the St. Joseph Parish 1950's through the 1960's dance on April 27th beginning at 7pm. Stop by after the Golf Tournament!

  • St. Joseph Men's Club Fish Fry happening at the parish during Lent.

  • Be sure to look into The parish has paid for your subscription to this vast library of inspiring videos and essential reads to help grow your faith. Just go straight to the "Enter Code" button and enter 4BDX9H to begin the process. You may also access this through the parish website link below. Enjoy!

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is occurring after daily Mass in the Chapel until 5:45pm. Come spend some time with our Lord.

  • Please enjoy this link to a lovely article in the North Texas Catholic about the pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Fr. Kelley:

Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth link:

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