Job Interview Process

Cody White

Before The Interview

Research the Company

Make sure you know about the company. What position your applying for. Get to know about the company.

Basic Information

Get directions to the company, Be on time to the interview. Find out who will be interviewing you. Know the dress code so you can dress correctly.

During The Interview

Greeting the employer

Have a firm hand shake, and have strong eye contact. Put your items beside your seat. Wait until you are asked to be seated. Bring your resume and other papers that you might include for the interview.

5 Common Questions to Ask

5 Common questions to ask.

When will the decision be made?

Whats the dress code?

How Many hours are needed?

Do I need any training for the job?

Do I need to work overtime?

After Interview

Say goodbye to the interviewer. As soon as possible you want to make a thank you letter to the interview, this may help you get hired.