Batman real super hero

every one can be a super hero for that you dont need powers

Litle bit about Batman

Batmans real name is Bruce Wayne he was borned to a rich famlie.

When he was a boy he you used to hate bats because a truama.

Because the truama he was scread of bats. He fall into a basemant full of bats and because of that hes truama started.

Oncs he watch a opera with hes two perents and the opera had a bats dance and he asked his father to get out of auditorium when they walk off the stadiam a thief try to rob his perents and after he rob them he shot them and they dide.

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is the famliy servant he work for the Waynes and saty along their son after the pernts gone.

he gave ideas and helped Bruce any way he can.

Batman main enemys

Here we have a short movie abot Batman

The Dark Knight Rises Ultimate Trilogy Trailer - Christopher Nolan Batman Movie Legacy HD