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Lone Star Longhorns Learning at Home

Week of April 27 - May 1

We love seeing your pictures!

Computer and Library

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This week we are learning about Ancient Egypt!

Books about Ancient Egypt

MakerSpace and Tech about Ancient Egypt

Tumble Book Library Login Information

Free eBook Resources

LSE Usernames and Passwords


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Let's travel to Ancient Egypt!!

Dazzling Pyramids with Mrs. Ritchie - Great for our older friends!

ruler, paper, marker/crayons, Hieroglyphics Chart

Egyptian Cat with Mrs. Ritchie

paper, marker/crayons, Hieroglyphics Chart

More Egyptian Projects to try!

Paper Plate Collar

Paper plate, hole punch, string, markers/crayons, jewels and glue optional

Egyptian Cat Tube

Paper towel tube, masking tape, marker

Draw an Egyptian Scarab Beetle - YouTube link

Paper, markers/crayons

Mummy Craft

Paper towel tube, black paint or marker, gauze, glue, google eyes (or make them out of paper)


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Egyptian Music

Music was as important to the ancient Egyptians as it is in our modern society.

Click on the link below for a short history lesson about Ancient Egyptian music and instruments.

Examples/Demonstrations of Egyptian music and instruments & other activities - click on the links below for videos and more.

Have fun learning, exploring, and creating! Be sure to send me pictures or videos of your creations.

P.E. with Mrs. Wisnieske and Mrs. Jones

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We hope you are enjoying working out and exercising to some of the workout videos. This week you can walk with Mrs. Jones, line dance, perform some workout challenges, and do a strengthening and cardio workout. Remember: KEEP MOVING and STAY HEALTHY!


Come Walk with Mrs. Jones


10 Minute Kids Cardio Workout - HIIT - 30s/20s intervals - No Equipment

Kids Home Exercises: Workout To Stay Active at Home by Little Sports


PE at Home: Plank Tap Challenge with Mike Morris

PE at Home with Mr. G - Rooftop Challenge


KIDZ BOP Kids - Can't Stop the Feeling! (Dance Tutorial)