Phencyclidine (PCP)

By Ryan Leahy

Phencyclidine Definition

Phencyclidine was original developed in the 1950s as an anesthetic. Due to its strong and serious effects was then categorized as a hallucinogen. Hallucinogens affect the senses, alter a person's thinking, and even a person's sense of emotion.
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Phencyclidine Slang Terms

Angel Dust, Hog, Lovely, Rocket Fuel, and ozone are all examples of the slang terms for PCP.
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Effects of PCP

According to "A moderate amount of PCP often causes users to feel detached, distant, and estranged from their surroundings. Numbness of the extremities, slurred speech, and loss of coordination may be accompanied by a sense of strength and invulnerability. A blank stare, rapid and involuntary eye movements, and an exaggerated gait are among the more observable effects. Auditory hallucinations, image distortion, severe mood disorders, and amnesia may also occur. In some users, PCP may cause acute anxiety and a feeling of impending doom; in others, paranoia and violent hostility, and in some, it may produce a psychoses indistinguishable from schizophrenia. Many believe PCP to be one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse."

If someone consumes a high doses of PCP, they will experience...

  • A drop in blood pressure
  • A drop in pulse rate
  • A drop in respiration.
  • As well as nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision,
  • Flicking up and down of the eyes
  • Drooling
  • Loss of balance
  • dizziness
  • seizures
  • coma
  • death
  • illusions and hallucinations

PCP Statistics

"It's mostly young people who abuse this drug. In 2008, more than 37,000 people needed to be cared for in hospital emergency rooms as a result of PCP abuse. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported in 2008 that more than six million Americans had used PCP in their lifetimes. About one percent of high school students reported using this drug in the years 2007-2009." - According to

PCP Advice

If you see someone has PCP or looks like they are high on PCP don't confront them. Immediately notify the police and an adult. Stay away from anyone who is assosiated with the drug: seller, supplier, and addicts.


What's the difference between legal medicine and illegal drugs?

A legal drug is a drug that is made to help a person for the better but when used wrongly could have dangerous affects or even fatal. Illegal drugs aren't made to help cure an illness.

What should I do if I hear about kids in my school using drugs?

If i heard about kids in my school using drugs I would immediately contact a teacher and not interfere directly with who's kids. I would also make other kids aware of the problem so that they wouldn't get involved with the problem