Internal Change Letter dec 2014

what's up @KM HQ

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Community Meeting

Monday, Dec. 8th, 12-2pm

Knowmads HQ

This Internal Change Letter has WAY TOO MUCH information!!!! A lot of reading, most people 'have something better to do' (and if you calculate: 40 x 30 minutes reading... that's 20 hours of reading spend on this newsletter!!!) So.....

...from coming Monday, 8th of December, we'll host a Monthly Community Meeting. With all the Tribes, Greenies and Running Team. We will share what we've done this month, what we need at our HQ, updates and news.

This first one is happening on very short notice, so we won't be expecting people to cancel their meetings, but from January on this is the time where we expect our whole community. Coming Monday: 12.00h Powerhour, 12.30h-13.30h Community Meeting.

If you CAN cancel your meeting: do so. This meeting is essential to run a smoothly running community. Really. Trust us on that one. (who is us? no idea either, just 'us' the people of Knowmads...)

Mary's VISA

Mary is awaiting her VISA approval.

Here's her update:

I got an email from IND with my personal number which means they started to proceed my new pack of documents:) that's great! But even they still have no idea how long it takes. I really hope I could be home for Christmas...

On the other hand, I have more good news. Every December I had a tradition to go to Dahab, the small village in Egypt. It's like a rehab for me and I always recover there, get inspiration and rethink about my life. So I estimate what is done and write a plan for future. And I thought that this year I should skip it because of great new studies... But I still needed to wait for IND decision, so I decided to make the best out of it and go to Dahab!

I'm here now, a bit more tanned:) missing Knowmads, missing Ansterdam. But it feels that everything is going right!

Have a great day,


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