Sociological Imagination Project

Nathan DeGrado

Understanding of Article

Jackie was a freshman student who was trying to impress her date which was a junior frat boy. Jackie agreed to go to a frat party with the junior boy knowing that there would be drugs and alcohol there. At the party jackie's date asked her if she wanted to go upstairs where it was quieter, Jackie agreed and they began walking up stairs. Once they got up stairs they walked into a dark room where there was 7 other guys waiting. Jackie was tackled into a glass table and was forcefully raped by all the guys in the room except for her date. After 3 hours of getting raped Jackie was able to leave the frat party at three in the morning. The first thing she did was to call her friends who came and picked her up. One of her friends suggested that they should take jackie to the hospital but the other two of her friends said that if they took her to the hospital, it could ruin her whole reputation at college for her and them. They convinced her that she doesn't want to be the girl who cried rape.


At first look at this article i would have a lot of empathy for Jackie, she was a young girl thinking she was going on a date with a guy but she ended up getting raped by 7 guys. She was abused and turned into a bloody mess by the end of the night so i would of had a lot of empathy for jackie. Knowing now that Jackie did not go to the hospital or try to do anything to get those college frat guys punished made me lose some empathy for her. It is one thing to feel bad for a person who tried to fix there situation but knowing she didn't even try to get those guys caught makes me lose some empathy for her.

Broader Issue

An issue with this is that since she didn't report the case of her rape, the college guys who have committed the rape are not going to have to serve a time of punishment for the actions they have committed. This could also enable other college frat guys to think that they can rape a girl and get away with it because no one at the college tried to get those boys punished for the raping crime they did to Jackie. Since the college did nothing to punish the guys, being can start thinking that they can rape girls and never get caught or punished for their actions.