Armoured Angel - Heir to Evil


Armoured Angel - Heir To Evil


Death - a manifestation of he who bore the cross
Life - an unholy union portrayed as heavens loss
Christ - a fallen messiah of scorn and blasphemy
Desperation - blinded by anthropopathy

Crucifixion - life defiled
Borne of evil - heavens child
Fulfilling ancient prophecy
Son of the adversary

No love for life no fear of death
A demon borne of virgin flesh
Another wretched soul is lost
Bring forth the heir to evils wrath

Torn - the life of the savior of crucible of pain
Lost - in a void of remembrance thought to rise again
Blood - the essence of mercy a mortals tears are shed
Disembodied voices echo from the dead

Leader of unholy legions satanachia defiles
Ruler of infernal regions demogorgon reviles
Lucifuge rofocale supreme minister of our kind
Astaroth prince of thrones deceiver of the blind