How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Elizah Smith

This is about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. I mean it's going to happen sooner or later and as the leader I have to tell you the basics for you to come on our team.

There are 5 Steps to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

1. Choosing Your Weapon

You have to destroy the zombie's brain. So find the perfect weapon before they eat your brain. Do you have good eyesight? Or run fast? Or have steady hands? There are many weapons like a bow an arrow, knives, a katana, or use deadly plants as a weapon. A gun may seem like the best option but really it's not. The noise attracts other zombies and ammo is a rarity. A bow or crossbow (like Daryl Dixon) is probably a better alternative because they are pretty accurate, not loud, and have reusable ammo.
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2. Assembling Your Team

Find people who are trustworthy, have good skill sets, and a will to live. Like I'm the leader, Sam is the co-leader/wise council, Chloe and John are our medical proffesional, Marina and Noah are the wild warrior, Libby (Elisabeth) and Pete are the kind caregivers, Ben and Grant are the bait, and Felix is the cheerleader. Our team name is ESCJMNEPBGF.

3. Scouting a Location

After you've assembled a Zombie Survival Team, find a place where there is shelter, food, water, and other necessities to live for a couple moths - even years. Some zombie defying spots are shopping malls or jails. Some places that zombies are attracted to are hospitals or law enforcement agencies. Be sure to "claim" the space and fight off any enemies. Also, to move from place to place. So don't officially ever settle down anywhere. The ESCJMNEPBGF's location is a grocery store.

4. Packing a Bag

Always pack a sturdy bag, preferably a back pack before the apocalypse even begins. Put clothes, flashlights, batteries, a radio, extra food and water, sunscreen, and zombie antiserum. Wear things that you can run in, are comfortable, and things that zombies can't latch their hands on. The best things to wear are boots, cargo pants, and a long sleeved tight shirt. Make sure to have your hair short cut or up.

Hanging on to Your Humanity

Always have manners and be nice. Most of the people are dead or transformed into zombies, but a few people "made it." Just remember that when a person is stretching your last nerve to resist and not be mean to the other members. It is under great stress and danger when you need to have courtesy and be brave. Don't kill a zombie if it hasn't noticed you yet or a herd of zombies will be coming for you in the next minute. The good guys always win.

So go out there and start killing zombies