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He produced a pint of Jim

On the table, once, twice, three times, while looking around the room at the creature comforts that his brother lived with for the past few months. A cot stood in the far corner, away from the windows, with several ratty quilts piled on top of it. A dented metal wastebasket sat by the door, filled with plastic food wrappers and soda bottles. Several gallon jugs of spring water lined up against the wall. Magazines and newspapers lay about haphazard, screaming outdated headlines.

Looks like you been livin’ high on the hog, said Boone. You bet, said Jimmy, without expression. That face of yours option binaire don’t look too bad. When’s the last time you shaved? Boone asked. Jimmy shrugged.

One of the neighbors lets me stop in once a week or so and take a shower, shave my face, even shit in a toilet for a change. Boone sat up straight, agitated now. Are you ing kidding? We agreed on it! You wouldn’t leave here until I met up with you! You try shittin’ in the woods for a few months and see how that option binaire suits you, said Jimmy. Besides, all that food you was supposed to bring me never did exactly materialize. What the did you think I was gonna do, eat the rest of my fingers? For extra effect, he held up the mangled digits.

Boone bit his lip and gave no answer. He knew that Jimmy spoke the truth. When Boone yanked him up from Coppers Creek, they had put together their plan of escape, and Boone promised that he would keep Jimmy stocked with supplies while Jimmy hid out in this distant Gallatin County cabin. But it quickly became apparent that Boone couldn’t regularly be away from Sewardville for hours at a time without arousing the suspicions of the entire Slone family, so that promise fell apart. So, yes, things hadn’t quite gone as planned.

Then again, he hadn’t shot Jimmy in the face as planned, either. It didn’t matter now. They were in a mess. I came up here before the winter, said Boone, and I gave you some money, and told you to sit tight. That neighbor of yours at the end option binaire of the paved road got some money, too.

He said he’d look in on you to make sure you stayed stocked in food and water. Yeah, well, he did, said Jimmy. Sometimes he did. Jimmy got up, option binaire went to the cot and grabbed one of the quilts. He wrapped the ratty blanket around his shoulders.

The nip of the evening air already seeped in through the walls. Forget option binaire it. Main thing is, you’re here now, Jimmy said.
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