Week of: Feb. 22-26

Ms. Kvalstad's 4th Grade Class

Upcoming Events

Tues. Feb. 23: Bingo Night 5-7pm

Fri. Feb. 26: Scholastic Online orders due: https://orders.scholastic.com/J8GTL

Feb. 29: Last day to order yearbooks for $30 before prices go up on March 1 to $35. You can order on the Solana Pacific webpage.

Fri. March 4: Sandpiper Sprint-Don't forget to get pledges using your online pledge page that is going home today.

Mon. March 7-Fri. March 11: Conference Week (minimum day 12:15 dismissal) Please sign-up using this link: http://tinyurl.com/jdjdxba

Mon. March 7-Fri. March 11: Pennies for Pasta (coin drive supporting families battling Leukemia and Lymphoma)

Tues. March 15: Amazing Quest!

Tues. March 22 @ 2:00 4th Grade Gold Rush Performance Cast B: Taylor, Kvalstad, Loriso, Nelson (Cast A will perform at 1:00-Oliver, Dow, Goldberg, Hall)

Wed. March 30: Field Trip to San Juan Capistrano (Thank you for sending in the permission slips & money!)

Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conference week is coming up March 7-11 and I'm looking forward to meeting with each of you to reflect on your child's hard work, goals, and progress as a 4th grader! Please remember students will join the conference and will even lead a portion of the conference.

Please use this link http://tinyurl.com/jdjdxba to sign-up for a conference time that works best for your family. If the available times/dates don't work of your schedule, please email me so we can arrange one that does.

Biography Presentations

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Mission Project & Presentation

This week students will choose one of the 21 California missions to begin researching for the informational essay they'll write. The research will be taking place in class and at home, while the essay writing will take place at school.

In addition, students will have an at-home extra credit opportunity to enhance their understanding of the mission they've been assigned to research. They can choose from the projects listed below and will share their project in a brief presentation to the class. Detailed instructions will be provided to your child this week.

Project Options

1. Poster (including at least 5 pictures or drawings, and captions)

2. Diorama (the mission, a “day in the life,” etc.)

3. Slideshow (using either Keynote or Powerpoint, and must include at least 5 slides of pictures and captions)

4. Mission Model (please no kits)

5. Simulated game like Minecraft

6. Painting or Drawing

7. iMovie

8. Visit the mission and create an iMovie or scrapbook

9. Come idea (must be approved by the teacher)

This project is student-created, not parent-created, so please know that my intent is not to create more work for you! It should be a fun, creative opportunity for your child to show what s/he has learned about the missions.

Due date: still TBD

Riddle of the Week

What do you get if you cross a snowman and a shark?

*If your child brings the correct answer to class they'll receive a special reward!


Novel Study: Island of the Blue Dolphins:

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grammar: Continue pronoun study: pronoun-verb agreement

Spelling: root word study (pod/ped, mal, trans)

Informational writing: Students will begin researching information on their topic of choice and drafting their piece.


Eureka Module 4: Geometry

This week's objectives:

-review vocabulary terms and practice, identify and draw points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles

-recognize them in various contexts and familiar figures

-identify, define, and draw parallel and perpendicular lines

Don't forget about the wonderful videos and homework support from the Oakdale website that go directly along with the math homework: