Jackson Donaldson


Vaccinations are not good for you. Althoug yes they do save you from becoming very sick. Yet what happens to the people, that the shot doesnt work. Well they breakdown. Some become autistic or is diagnoesed with downsindrom.


Vaccasiations are very hard to fully understand of what goes into that little bottle of mixtures.Yet what comes out of it is very harmfull." 1\6 are learning disabled. 1\9 have asima. 1\150 develop autism. 1\450 have diabeties That is the big question is why are so highly vacianated kids so sick."(the Drs)


Some of the very little advantages of vaccanations is it protects. It helps you protect yourself and others from getting sick. As well as it has helped calm huge diesies like measeals and flu.