The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Americas reaction to the attack

Pearl Harbor took place in December 7, 1941. This bombing lead the United States  into World War 2. The Americans were very suprised and did not expect such a crucial attack. The Japenese attacked us when we were most vulnerable. That is when the soldiers were not at their posts and didn"t do any drills. More 2,400 men were killed just by taking cover. The reason how we survived was we fought back.

Japenese reaction to the attack

 The Japanese attack force was under the command of Admiral Nagumo. Japansese force consisted of six carriers with 423 planes. They attacked the United States because they were trying to take over a part of China and we helped China fight for that area. Also, we cut off some of their oil stupplies. So they attacked of anger because we got in the way of their victory.