☼The Project of Mesopotamia☼

Trinity Pruett

Trade and Transport

Mesopotamia did not have very many natural resources. People back then did not have many natural resources. So when they needed a new resource and they wanted to trade a resource with somebody they could. The reason why they traded was because there were not very many stores to go to back then like we do. Grains, oils and text tiles were transformed from babylonia, to foreign cities, and exchanged for timber wine, precious metals and stones. Merchants used very different methods in transporting their goods depnding on what they were transporting. That is what i have learned form Trade and transport.


No one for certain knows why Ziggurats were built or how they were used. But they are very cool. These stepped towers we call are Ziggurats. By 2000 b.c mud brick ziggurats, were being constructed in many sumerian cities. Later, Ziggurats were constructed in babylonian, And they were built in assyrain cities.


Assyrian king sent out their armies to conquer new lands. Over 300 years Mesopotamia and lands further to the east and west became part of an Assyrian empire, conquering foreign cities brought wealth.

The royal tombs of ur

From 1922 to 1934, an archaeologist named C. Leonard Woolley excavated the site of the ancient Sumerian city of Ur. He made many great discoveries about the people who lived there.