iPads for Professional Development

Saranac Community Schools


Due to carryover and an increase in our estimated to actual allocations from Title, Saranac Community Schools has additional funds to use in the 2015-16 school year to support professional development.

  • Our Five Dimensions of Teaching and Learning require administrators and teachers to access PIVOT software and provide reflective feedback using the software.
  • Thinking Maps Learning Community professional development modules provide on-line videos for 7-12 teachers to view in order to enhance their implementation of Thinking Maps.
  • Collaboration is encouraged during professional development through avenues such as Twitter and Google Platform.
  • Strategies learned during professional development to increase engagement with students (Plickers, Evernote, video conferencing, Nearpod, etc) require a mobile device.
  • Video taping of lessons for review in PLC and Classroom Learning Lab cohorts is a valuable way to reflect on instruction.
  • There is a need to have immediate access to student data, flip instruction, provide increased communication to families, strengthen the PLN of our staff members, and model the use of 21st century skills for students.

In order to assist Saranac Community Schools in implementing these professional development goals and beyond, iPads or mini iPads will be provided for you.

Questions about Funding

How can the district afford iPads for us?

Grant funds (no general fund money) will be used to purchase the iPads. These funds can only be used for PD or PD related materials. It also follows supplement/supplant rules.

Why now?

Connie Hamilton was just notified by MDE of the additional funds we need to allocate to professional development last month. The grant must be submitted in December. This is a very short timeline.

Is there better use of the funds?

These are one-time dollars that MUST be used for K-12 professional development.

Questions about the iPads

What kind of iPad will it be?

You will have a choice (see link below) between the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2

Will we get a case?

Yes. All devices will come with i Blazon Armorbox 2. You will have a choice of color for your case.

Who will get one?

Anyone using the PIVOT software and employed by Saranac Community Schools

When will we get them?

The technology team plans to deliver the devices between February 1-12, 2016.

When will I get training?

There will be breakout sessions provided on the Tech PD Day, February 15 and Tech Tuesdays could be used for assistance as well. You are encouraged to "try it" on your own or connect with someone.

More Questions

Is this "mine"?

No. These devices are owned by Saranac Community Schools and will be loaned to you.

May I take the iPad home?

Yes, however you will need to familiarize yourself with the loan agreement.

What happens if it breaks?

If the device is malfunctioning, complete a work order. If the device if physically broken (cracked screen, etc.), refer to your loan agreement

What about apps?

The tech department is working on a process for both district-owned apps and a way you can install apps you select. The PIVOT app will be pre-loaded on all devices.

What do I need to do now?

Review the information below on models and case colors available. Then respond to the Google Form below by Thursday, December 3 at 6pm to select your preferred device. Anyone who has not responded by then will have an iPad mini 2 with a solid black case ordered for them.

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