Tarver SEL Weekly Update

November 1st-5th

This month's focuses: Gratitude and Adaptability

Monday, November 1st

Defining Gratitude:

We want to make sure we share with students that Gratitude is 1) a choice that we get to make over and over again on where we put our focus and 2) doesn’t always have to be about something positive. We can feel grateful even for tough or challenging things in our life!

Start the month by talking about Gratitude with your class. Circle up and have students share answers to the following questions (if they feel comfortable doing so):

What does that word mean to them? What is something they are grateful for right now? What does the word mean to you? To make sure everyone is speaking a common language, share the definition found below.

For littles: Ask students what it means to be thankful. Explain that thankfulness means you have gratitude. Show the read aloud, I am Thankful.

Big picture
The Thankful Book

Tuesday, November 2nd

Show the animated short.

  1. Ask any or all of these questions with your class:
    1. Is the girl grateful for her camera in the beginning?
    2. The camera becomes broken and the girl throws it away. Does that mean she isn’t grateful for it anymore?
    3. The camera finds a new way to make pictures. Why is the camera grateful for the girl?
    4. Does something have to be “good” or “unbroken” for us to be grateful for it?

CGI Animated Short Film HD "Last Shot " by Aemilia Widodo | CGMeetup

Wednesday, November 3rd

K-2: Show the Sesame Street video, Thankful for a Friend. After the video, have students share why they are thankful for their friends at school. Have them write or draw a picture thanking a friend in the room or another class.

3-5: Play the song, NO VIDEO NEEDED, Count on Me by Bruno Mars. Ask students if they think their friends can count on them. Have them write or share their thoughts on the following sentence stem. "my friends can count on me because..."

Sesame Street Season 48: Thankful for a Friend with Leon Bridges

Thursday, November 4th

Project or print the gratitude scavenger hunt activity. Have students spend time independently finding answers. Come together as a class and share out.

Or complete the gratitude 5 senses activity:

Have a picture of the 5 senses (mouth, eyes, ears, hands, nose)

List something you are grateful for using your five senses.

  • I am grateful for what my eyes can see: ____
  • I am thankful of what my nose can smell: _____
  • I am thankful for what my ears can hear:_____
  • I am thankful for what my mouth can taste:_____
  • I am thankful for what my body can touch:________

Friday, November 5th

Show the read aloud, A Little Thankful Spot.

Play Gratitude Dots (10-15 minutes), if time permits or later in the day.

Split students into groups of 4-5 and provide each group with a die. Each student will take a turn to roll the die and name items they are thankful for according to the number rolled. For an added challenge, play several rounds of the game with different categories. The items named must fit into the category for each round. Category ideas: People, places, things in nature, things at school, or things about yourself.

📖 A Little Thankful Spot By Diane Alber READ ALOUD