Biology A

Yreka High School

Mr Christian Birch (530)842-6151 ext 251

A learning adventure that will require critical thinking

Discover the mysteries of our living environment from molecules to organisms

Course Expectations and Important Information

  1. Each student is expected to participate in class, be on time, and be prepared each day to learn. Pride points are deducted for tardies and inappropriate behavior.
  2. Keep Sacred Time Sacred(first 10 min of each class article reading)
  3. Keep your ToolBook updated every day!
  4. Use your Toolbook on Quests(Adventure Assessments) for success!
  5. Get an Advisory pass before Advisory for make up work!
  6. Cell Phones will be sent to the office if they are being used or cause a distraction.
  7. Make up any low grade on a Quest during Advisory for up to full credit
  8. Toolbook assignments are checked randomly by rolling a dice every 2 weeks
  9. Home Enjoyment will be assigned on Mondays and due on Fridays!


Grade Breakdown _________________________________________________Letter Grades

1. Toolbook Checks 30% ___________________________________________89.5-100 A

2. Quests 40% _____________________________________________________79.5-89.4 B

3. Projects 20% ____________________________________________________69.5-79.4 C

4. Pride Points 10% ________________________________________________0-69.4 F

(Each student starts with 100 pride points and tardies/class removal deducts 5-10 points)