Living in the U.S.A.

A Cultural Collage by Allyson Burba

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Our Modern Culture

I think that this picture of an overweight Statue of Liberty symbolizes how much our culture has changed (in this case, negatively). She represents the American people, how before we were something to be in awe of, and now the common stereotype, that we even place on ourselves, is that we all eat fast food and are overweight. In other words, we have lost our glamour.


This relates to our country's culture as a whole, because modern technology has changed the way we live as a whole so dramatically. Most people own a cell phone of some sort, have a television in the living room of their homes, and have access to a computer. It shows how we believe in connecting with one another digitally. The comic demonstrates the negative side of this, that in connecting online, we have grown apart in reality.

We've Got Our Heads in the Cyberspace

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Music greatly influences everyone's life in some form or another. It's one way that we escape the world, and forget about our problems. Everyone's guilty of singing in the shower or belting it out when you're home alone. It changes the way we think about certain things and gives us something to dance to. In fact, I was listening to it while I wrote this, and chances are that some of my audience are listening to music as they read this.


Education is not only very important to myself and my family, but also to our Okemos community, and our nation in general. I believe in getting a good education, because it sets you up for success later in life. In America, the general feel towards education is important because it lines you up for successful jobs and lives. This feeling is especially strong in communities like ours, where education is one of the most highly celebrated aspects of our lives, and we are blessed with an incredible education system and educators.