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Becca Miller's June 2013 Update

Serving at the Christian International School of PRague

ACSI Accreditation Update

As I stated in my last update, from May 13-15, we had a visiting team from The Association of Christian School International visiting CISP. We began with a Breakfast/Meet & Great time on Monday morning. Then, over the next few days, the visiting looked over all our documents and visited our classes to get a picture of what our school was like. Over all the visit went well. Alas, due to us moving buildings next year, they were not able to recommend us for full accreditation at that time. (They want to make sure our new building meets ACSI's safety standards.) However, we received word recently that the visiting team did decide to recommend us for accreditation! We should receive word by the fall of whether we have been approved or not!

And the Rain Came Down

This has been a really rainy spring, with very few nice and sunny weekends. So, we weren't too surprised when it rained all day on Saturday, June 1. We were a bit shocked that it was so cold we needed to turn on the heat, however! The rain didn't stop all weekend and by Sunday, the Vltava River was rising so much that metro stations were being closed, trams and buses were being rerouted, and homes near the river were being evacuated. It turned out to be the worst flood Prague had seen in a decade. Many schools decided to close down, and for the second time ever, CISP canceled classes. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the waters receded. Please, remember to pray for those who were most effected by the flooding. Much of central Europe, including parts of Germany, Austria, and Hungary, as well as other parts of the Czech Republic, were effected.

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Ways to Pray

  • Pray that everything with the new building would go well-- that it would be ready in time for the new school year, and that we will be able to get everything packed and moved!
  • Pray for me this summer as I travel to the States to spend time with family and friends and connect with supporters!
  • Pray that all the positions needed for next year will be filled! (So, if you've ever wanted to teach abroad or know anyone who has expressed an interest, let me know!)
  • Pray that God would continue to provide the support I need in order to continue at CISP.

Notes of Praise:

  • We were recommended for accreditation!
  • The school year ended well.
  • We have a new building for next year!
  • All of the many blessing that God has provided for CISP this year!
  • I was approved for a visa valid until July 31, 2014! I go to pick it up on August 15---the day after I return to Prague.

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